Out of many, we become one. Once every 100 years, The finest and most skilled beat makers flock from all over the globe to train in the FLD Temple. Few outsiders have witnessed this secret gathering. This summer, that all changes. Round 1, Fight! Big love to all involved: Sinistarr, Fade, Resound, Quentin Hiatus, Dominic Ridgway, Stunna, Atic, Kaset, Goreteks, Nutekk, Arthur, Tricky Pat, Brandon Miles, Nuaru, Thomas B, Ghast, Hex, Frustrate, AE, Aaron Smith, Brandy Violet and all FLD Crew Worldwide! Follow Free Love Digi http://facebook.com/freelovedigi http://soundcloud.com/free-love-digi

© 2015 Free Love Digi

℗ 2015 Free Love Digi
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Free Love Digi | FLD032
GENRE: Drum & Bass,
RELEASED: 2015-07-20 00:00:00


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